Salty Soul Project – Canada to Mexico

Salty Soul is made up by three friends: Javi, Iñaki and Mikel.  We meet each other last year while we travel in Australia. A solidarity project/sport challenge has been in mind since then. One year and a half later, here we are, in Canada ready to start cycling more than 3000 km on the way to Baja California (Mexico), passing through the whole west coast of the USA.

We have a goal. Really simple. Raise 2€/km. We have estimated that we will travel around 3000km. Probably more. So, 6000€ is the money should be raised by the end of the trip. If we can get more, even better. We will be running a crowdfunding during the trip on the next link:

A simple life is what we love. Working wherever to pay our trips and to be close to the sea. We already know how lucky we are about living where we live and have the life we have. We have seen the reality of people who don´t have too many opportunities. It is the reality where we live, but it doesn´t mean is fair. Life is to be shared and We feel as there is something We can do to change it. Out there are too many people needing your help, needing our help.

This trip is about motivating people to go a bit further, push people to help people who really need it. We want to show that with not too much is possible. In this case, We are going to do it through a trip.

We have put too much passion into it. All money we raise will be donated to 2 NGO´s of trust.  KUBUKA más por ellos (Javi has being collaborating with them) and SOS Himalaya. Any donation, 100€ or even 5€ will be really helpful. Even if you just share this Crowdfunding you will be doing more than you think. Every donation is a book, a shower, one breakfast and the most important, you will let improve the quality life of Nepal and Kenia population.

Thank you so much. We know that between all of us We can reach our goal.

Salty Soul team.

Canada to Mexico -A dream come true-

It’s been almost two months since we started what may be the trip of our lives. It has already been a few years of traveling through the 5 continents, but never before in such a way. We are fulfilling a dream as it is to travel across North America by bike and surf the west coast of the USA. But what is making this trip special are all the human experiences that we are experiencing along the way.

If someone had asked us what we expected from this trip, it would hardly resemble what is happening since the first day in which he started such a journey. Already in Vancouver, we were lucky to find Gordon, who was armed with patience to receive 8 boxes full of bicycles, trailers, surfboards and various utensils, who knows whether useful or not, for 5 days in which We set everything up before the adventure began.

Instead of trip, I would call it a great adventure. First day in Vancouver Iñaki´s credit card disappeared from planet earth, as well as the back wheel of his bicycle after 10 minutes of shopping. Luckily Iñaki found the tire after looking for it by several streets owned by a person under drugs.

We went south, we lived with indigenous cultures in LA Push, after sleeping the night before in an art gallery on our first night in the USA. By the way, we are carrying 3 bicycles, with 3 trailers, with 5 surfboards and other objects of debatable value that weigh around 70kg each. Dragging them for 70km on a road, which I would describe it as flat, is not easy to ride. The first weeks have served as training for what was ahead.

Belen´s house in San Francisco

Continuing with the trip, we have slept under bridges, along rivers and lakes, and even on a pier with a plastic over us. But mostly we have slept, incredible as it may seem in cozy cottages, where we have always had a corner to throw our mats or even a bed for each. And this is where we are most surprised and grateful. There have been countless occasions that people have opened their doors or even paid us a hotel room as in Astoria!! We could say that people of the west coast of the USA are nice as f*. Supermarket entrance would affirm that it is the place where we have found the most affection, but some people stop on the route to offer us a good dinner, or even an empty house with a fridge full of beers, or a simple chocolate tablet to cheer us up under the rain are just a few examples of all we have.

Our tipi on the middle of the “living room”
Victor rescue us from the rain

The United States is not just guns, hamburgers, and wars in the countries of the East, which is a bit with the idea we came over here. America, as they called themselves on many occasions, is full of charitable souls, people with great respect and love for nature and a great environmental awareness. And this is the beauty of traveling, from one moment to another takes away your prejudices, the blindfold without warning. Because we have the habit of judging without knowing. And sometimes it can be tricky.

But, the most important is that the crowdfunding for SOS HIMALAYA and KUBUKA, is already counting down and there are just over € 2000 that we have collected. We are still far from the € 6000 that we have set as our goal. That´s the reason we invite you to collaborate, no matter how small the contribution is, you will be giving us a push to make this happened. Here is the link:

Thanks to all of you!

Good News. We have TWO NGOs to colaborate with!!!!

As we explained in the section “The Project” during our trip Canada-Mexico we want to go a bit further and use this trip as a tool to help those who need it most. Raising $ 1 for each Km traveled has become our goal. We do not know if we will be able to get it, but what we have not any doubt is that the effort will not be negotiable. We have an agreement to collaborate with two NGOs, which we consider reliable and know about them. We briefly tell you about them below:

SOS Himalaya. Iñaki Ochoa de Olza was a Spanish mountaineer in love with Nepal, their mountains, and their people. Giving something back in exchange for everything that Nepal had contributed to his life was Iñaki´s dream. Building an orphanage, a school and a hospital in remote areas of Nepal was his project. But everything changed unexpectedly, and Iñaki died in his summit attempt at Annapurna in May 2008. However, Iñaki’s dream was not going to be in vain, and a group of friends with his family decided to carry on with the project and make Iñaki’s dream come true, and that’s where SOS Himalaya comes from.

We leave the link to the website where you can find detailed information of everything they are doing at the moment. For us we have to say that it is a great pleasure to collaborate with them due to Iñaki meant for us.

Kubuka – más por ellos – is the fusion of many dreams, many stories and people putting their droplets in that sea of hands that narrow to make this world a fairer place. KUBUKA supports projects that promote sustainable development in vulnerable communities in Kenya and Zambia.  Primarily support projects related to education and entrepreneurship, but they also undertake projects that benefit community collectives, which are defined as a specific group of individuals within a community.

Currently, we pay student fees for more than 500 elementary and middle school students. We have also financed the opening of 3 social businesses and awarded 19 microcredit loans.  Additionally, we run two orphanages in Kenya and Zambia, respectively, which support a combined total of 21 orphans and 8 girls in unstable situations.

In addition, if any of you is interested in volunteering, KUBUKA is looking for volunteers in a few different areas as:

-social work/psychologist/audiovisual and musical production

-Assistance of social enterprises and sports projects.

You can get in touch with them through next email:

Island life

Without even thinking about it, or doing it on purpose, today I realized that I’m going from island to island. Why do the islands attract me so much? Florianopolis (1 year), Ireland (1 year), Canary Islands (3 years), Indonesia (half year).

This time, I´m going to talk about the Canary Islands. The Canarys are formed by the volcanic islands El Hierro, La Palma, La Gomera, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote.

Foto de

Tenerife is the island that I know best and one of my favorite islands due to its nature, climate, and proximity. It gives you the possibility to study in a privileged setting. It is a paradise, totally tropical and wild place, a dream for many people. In 2014, when I decided to continue my studies to become a teacher in secondary and the Degree of PE teacher, without a doubt, I chose Tenerife as my first destination. Three years after going and coming from this wonderful island, I went back for another 4 months. I will give you 4 reasons why this small paradise I call it “Base Camp!!!!!!!!!”, my second home, place where I like to be between my trips.

WAVES. Without a doubt, this is the number one.  Since it is an island, there are many more options in terms of orientation and the proximity of beaches, because it is very easy to move from north to south, in only an hour.

If you have decided to study in San Cristóbal de la Laguna (ULL), the closest options for surfing you will find in Bajamar and Punta Hidalgo, where you will find waves for all levels and tastes. For the days of little swell, the Socorro will be your best option (beach break) and on the days of big swell, a ride to the south of the island is obligatory.

CLIMATE. The location of the Canary archipelago makes its climate tropical and does not vary barely between winter and summer. That is why neither can you forget to put in your luggage the camping material (tent, sleeping bag …), it is an ideal place to do camping because temperatures are very nice. Of course, if you are going to study in San Cristóbal de la Laguna, do not be fooled, you are taking out the feather coats, its humidity and altitude make it the coolest city on the island.

NATURE. Tenerife is undoubtedly the richest island in all aspects. How it is possible to be the same day in the Teide surrounded by snow, then descend to the forest of Anaga and smell the green jungle and end up in the Medano’s dry beach just like a desert at 28 degrees. Rocks, trees, green, canyons, deserts, sands, snow … and much more, your range of possibilities leaves you open mouth, and all this in just 100km longitude.

Do not forget to visit the Medano (the red mountain), the Giants, the Buena Vista lighthouse, the Anaga forest, the beaches of Benijo and Taganana, Igueste De San Andrés and the Natural Park of the Teide among many other places.

CULTURE. If all of us join the low cost of living on the island and the incredible Guanche culture that still remains, this island makes it a place that you will always want to go back, once again. Mandatory food in its more traditional restaurants called “guachinches” where you can taste the best potatoes and “mechada” that you never tasted before. Romeria parties as well are a good opportunity to drop deep into this culture. And of course don’t forget about the Carnival, one of the most famous carnivals in Spain and internationally known.

To finish, my best recommendation, improvisation towards the unknown, you walk where your instinct decides to go, that’s how you will find your paradise corner, your hiding place, your secret spot. ENJOY IT!

Best plan, no plan!!


Life with no surfing

How beautiful it is to get to know yourself little by little. It’s been three months since I arrived in Port Douglas, north of Australia. Before this trip,  negative and pessimistic thoughts were on my mind consistently. I could not stop wondering if I was going to be able to stay for 3-4 months without surfing. And it is already more than 3 since I saw the last wave or a simple mass of water traveling through. Right in Port Douglas lies one of Australia’s major tourist attractions, the Great Barrier Reef. And as its name indicates is a great barrier that does not allow any wave to reach the coast.

I still remember those days of college where you see your mates immersed in future projects both professionally and personally.  And I see myself wondering what it was the future and dreams I wanted to follow and trying to figure out what one thing I wanted to dedicate my life. I do not know if today, almost 5 years later, I am able to answer all those doubts that assaulted that post-teenage mind, but what I am sure and something I have learned more than ever here in Northern Australia is To enjoy what we have in each moment. Maintain always a positive energy, enjoy the people we have around us and be grateful for everything we have experienced during these months are some of the lessons this wonderful place is teaching me. And happen quite often that after a long period of time in one place, we stop being aware of where we are and enjoy the simple things of life. Port Douglas is one of those places we dream from the sofa at home. Tropical climate, paradisiacal beaches, endless avenues of palm trees and coconuts on the beach.  I feel unable to protest the simple fact that I will not be able to surf for 3/4 months being in such a place (Reading these 2 lines again I do not know if it is completely true. I Have complained a few times about the nonexistence of waves, Upss)

No joke, as I have said some times and again there is nothing better in life than to accept situations as they are presented and try to always act positively. A positive mind is a healthy mind and body.