About us

Born in Tudela, Spain and far from the sea, but at the same time passionate about surfing. Graduated in physical activity and sports sciences at Leon´s  University. Our names are Iñaki Miramón and Mikel López.Where passion for surfing is coming from is a question people use to ask. The answer is simple. We could say our life changes after a year studying in Florianopolis, Brazil. It was the first time we crossed to the other side of the Atlantic, and we had the opportunity to make a trip of such magnitude (Brazil, Argentina, Chile…) For those who do not know, Florianopolis is a small island in the south of Brazil and is one of those places in the world where surfing is present in most people´s lives. And this is the moment when all that need to move, to go far away from home, to travel into new countries come into our life.

Today, 6 years later, Surfing and everything that involve searching for waves has become our way of life and has managed to unite us and create a strong emotional bond between the two. We have traveled together on a large number of occasions and in many others independently around few different countries, including Chile, Peru, Argentina, Morocco, Ireland, Portugal, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, etc.

Recently, Javi wild, who we meet him in Australia join to Salty Soul team.  Born in Cordoba, but belonging to the world. From the first moment, he made it clear that his madness and good energy had to come to North America! In addition, Javi has been cooperating with the NGO kubuka for some time, which thanks to him is one of the NGOs chosen to collaborate with (SOS Himalaya will be the second NGO) during the course of the trip. Like us, the sea and the sport are his passion.  We´d describe him as a pure kid who continually seeks authenticity in everything he does.We consider ourselves happy and positive people. This is something that we would like to transmit through this website. Being positive in life is something that we consider essential because we know all of us can have problems in different moments and go through hard times in our life, but how we face these situations is going to be something crucial when the goal is keep moving forward with our lives. And it is that happiness surrounds us, it is everywhere, we should only seek it. As Iñaki Ochoa de Olza, Spanish mountaineer died at Annapurna, used to say “the biggest risk in life is not being happy and not living the life you want to live.