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Without even thinking about it, or doing it on purpose, today I realized that I’m going from island to island. Why do the islands attract me so much? Florianopolis (1 year), Ireland (1 year), Canary Islands (3 years), Indonesia (half year).

This time, I´m going to talk about the Canary Islands. The Canarys are formed by the volcanic islands El Hierro, La Palma, La Gomera, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote.

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Tenerife is the island that I know best and one of my favorite islands due to its nature, climate, and proximity. It gives you the possibility to study in a privileged setting. It is a paradise, totally tropical and wild place, a dream for many people. In 2014, when I decided to continue my studies to become a teacher in secondary and the Degree of PE teacher, without a doubt, I chose Tenerife as my first destination. Three years after going and coming from this wonderful island, I went back for another 4 months. I will give you 4 reasons why this small paradise I call it “Base Camp!!!!!!!!!”, my second home, place where I like to be between my trips.

WAVES. Without a doubt, this is the number one.  Since it is an island, there are many more options in terms of orientation and the proximity of beaches, because it is very easy to move from north to south, in only an hour.

If you have decided to study in San Cristóbal de la Laguna (ULL), the closest options for surfing you will find in Bajamar and Punta Hidalgo, where you will find waves for all levels and tastes. For the days of little swell, the Socorro will be your best option (beach break) and on the days of big swell, a ride to the south of the island is obligatory.

CLIMATE. The location of the Canary archipelago makes its climate tropical and does not vary barely between winter and summer. That is why neither can you forget to put in your luggage the camping material (tent, sleeping bag …), it is an ideal place to do camping because temperatures are very nice. Of course, if you are going to study in San Cristóbal de la Laguna, do not be fooled, you are taking out the feather coats, its humidity and altitude make it the coolest city on the island.

NATURE. Tenerife is undoubtedly the richest island in all aspects. How it is possible to be the same day in the Teide surrounded by snow, then descend to the forest of Anaga and smell the green jungle and end up in the Medano’s dry beach just like a desert at 28 degrees. Rocks, trees, green, canyons, deserts, sands, snow … and much more, your range of possibilities leaves you open mouth, and all this in just 100km longitude.

Do not forget to visit the Medano (the red mountain), the Giants, the Buena Vista lighthouse, the Anaga forest, the beaches of Benijo and Taganana, Igueste De San Andrés and the Natural Park of the Teide among many other places.

CULTURE. If all of us join the low cost of living on the island and the incredible Guanche culture that still remains, this island makes it a place that you will always want to go back, once again. Mandatory food in its more traditional restaurants called “guachinches” where you can taste the best potatoes and “mechada” that you never tasted before. Romeria parties as well are a good opportunity to drop deep into this culture. And of course don’t forget about the Carnival, one of the most famous carnivals in Spain and internationally known.

To finish, my best recommendation, improvisation towards the unknown, you walk where your instinct decides to go, that’s how you will find your paradise corner, your hiding place, your secret spot. ENJOY IT!

Best plan, no plan!!


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