Life with no surfing

How beautiful it is to get to know yourself little by little. It’s been three months since I arrived in Port Douglas, north of Australia. Before this trip,  negative and pessimistic thoughts were on my mind consistently. I could not stop wondering if I was going to be able to stay for 3-4 months without surfing. And it is already more than 3 since I saw the last wave or a simple mass of water traveling through. Right in Port Douglas lies one of Australia’s major tourist attractions, the Great Barrier Reef. And as its name indicates is a great barrier that does not allow any wave to reach the coast.

I still remember those days of college where you see your mates immersed in future projects both professionally and personally.  And I see myself wondering what it was the future and dreams I wanted to follow and trying to figure out what one thing I wanted to dedicate my life. I do not know if today, almost 5 years later, I am able to answer all those doubts that assaulted that post-teenage mind, but what I am sure and something I have learned more than ever here in Northern Australia is To enjoy what we have in each moment. Maintain always a positive energy, enjoy the people we have around us and be grateful for everything we have experienced during these months are some of the lessons this wonderful place is teaching me. And happen quite often that after a long period of time in one place, we stop being aware of where we are and enjoy the simple things of life. Port Douglas is one of those places we dream from the sofa at home. Tropical climate, paradisiacal beaches, endless avenues of palm trees and coconuts on the beach.  I feel unable to protest the simple fact that I will not be able to surf for 3/4 months being in such a place (Reading these 2 lines again I do not know if it is completely true. I Have complained a few times about the nonexistence of waves, Upss)

No joke, as I have said some times and again there is nothing better in life than to accept situations as they are presented and try to always act positively. A positive mind is a healthy mind and body.

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