Salty Soul Project – Canada to Mexico

Salty Soul is made up by three friends: Javi, Iñaki and Mikel.  We meet each other last year while we travel in Australia. A solidarity project/sport challenge has been in mind since then. One year and a half later, here we are, in Canada ready to start cycling more than 3000 km on the way to Baja California (Mexico), passing through the whole west coast of the USA.

We have a goal. Really simple. Raise 2€/km. We have estimated that we will travel around 3000km. Probably more. So, 6000€ is the money should be raised by the end of the trip. If we can get more, even better. We will be running a crowdfunding during the trip on the next link:

A simple life is what we love. Working wherever to pay our trips and to be close to the sea. We already know how lucky we are about living where we live and have the life we have. We have seen the reality of people who don´t have too many opportunities. It is the reality where we live, but it doesn´t mean is fair. Life is to be shared and We feel as there is something We can do to change it. Out there are too many people needing your help, needing our help.

This trip is about motivating people to go a bit further, push people to help people who really need it. We want to show that with not too much is possible. In this case, We are going to do it through a trip.

We have put too much passion into it. All money we raise will be donated to 2 NGO´s of trust.  KUBUKA más por ellos (Javi has being collaborating with them) and SOS Himalaya. Any donation, 100€ or even 5€ will be really helpful. Even if you just share this Crowdfunding you will be doing more than you think. Every donation is a book, a shower, one breakfast and the most important, you will let improve the quality life of Nepal and Kenia population.

Thank you so much. We know that between all of us We can reach our goal.

Salty Soul team.

4 thoughts on “Salty Soul Project – Canada to Mexico”

  1. My freind tyler said give him a call, he want to surf with you guys while your in central coast

  2. These three guys are totally cool I encountered them on South Highway 1 in Elk California it was pouring rain they were little bedraggled I let them stay in the guest house they were cheerful funny and cleaned up after themselves I feel honored to call them friends they had found a wallet on the side of the road they spent a couple hours tracking the guy down and making sure he got his wallet and all his possessions back I definitely say go ahead and support their project

    1. Victor!!!!!!! Thank so much for your hospitality!!! It was so nice and fun staying with you!! good memories will be with us forever!!! you are an awesome human being!!! hope see you again soon!! 🙂

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