Canada to Mexico -A dream come true-

It’s been almost two months since we started what may be the trip of our lives. It has already been a few years of traveling through the 5 continents, but never before in such a way. We are fulfilling a dream as it is to travel across North America by bike and surf the west coast of the USA. But what is making this trip special are all the human experiences that we are experiencing along the way.

If someone had asked us what we expected from this trip, it would hardly resemble what is happening since the first day in which he started such a journey. Already in Vancouver, we were lucky to find Gordon, who was armed with patience to receive 8 boxes full of bicycles, trailers, surfboards and various utensils, who knows whether useful or not, for 5 days in which We set everything up before the adventure began.

Instead of trip, I would call it a great adventure. First day in Vancouver Iñaki´s credit card disappeared from planet earth, as well as the back wheel of his bicycle after 10 minutes of shopping. Luckily Iñaki found the tire after looking for it by several streets owned by a person under drugs.

We went south, we lived with indigenous cultures in LA Push, after sleeping the night before in an art gallery on our first night in the USA. By the way, we are carrying 3 bicycles, with 3 trailers, with 5 surfboards and other objects of debatable value that weigh around 70kg each. Dragging them for 70km on a road, which I would describe it as flat, is not easy to ride. The first weeks have served as training for what was ahead.

Belen´s house in San Francisco

Continuing with the trip, we have slept under bridges, along rivers and lakes, and even on a pier with a plastic over us. But mostly we have slept, incredible as it may seem in cozy cottages, where we have always had a corner to throw our mats or even a bed for each. And this is where we are most surprised and grateful. There have been countless occasions that people have opened their doors or even paid us a hotel room as in Astoria!! We could say that people of the west coast of the USA are nice as f*. Supermarket entrance would affirm that it is the place where we have found the most affection, but some people stop on the route to offer us a good dinner, or even an empty house with a fridge full of beers, or a simple chocolate tablet to cheer us up under the rain are just a few examples of all we have.

Our tipi on the middle of the “living room”
Victor rescue us from the rain

The United States is not just guns, hamburgers, and wars in the countries of the East, which is a bit with the idea we came over here. America, as they called themselves on many occasions, is full of charitable souls, people with great respect and love for nature and a great environmental awareness. And this is the beauty of traveling, from one moment to another takes away your prejudices, the blindfold without warning. Because we have the habit of judging without knowing. And sometimes it can be tricky.

But, the most important is that the crowdfunding for SOS HIMALAYA and KUBUKA, is already counting down and there are just over € 2000 that we have collected. We are still far from the € 6000 that we have set as our goal. That´s the reason we invite you to collaborate, no matter how small the contribution is, you will be giving us a push to make this happened. Here is the link:

Thanks to all of you!

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