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Good News. We have TWO NGOs to colaborate with!!!!

As we explained in the section “The Project” during our trip Canada-Mexico we want to go a bit further and use this trip as a tool to help those who need it most. Raising $ 1 for each Km traveled has become our goal. We do not know if we will be able to get it, but what we have not any doubt is that the effort will not be negotiable. We have an agreement to collaborate with two NGOs, which we consider reliable and know about them. We briefly tell you about them below:

SOS Himalaya. Iñaki Ochoa de Olza was a Spanish mountaineer in love with Nepal, their mountains, and their people. Giving something back in exchange for everything that Nepal had contributed to his life was Iñaki´s dream. Building an orphanage, a school and a hospital in remote areas of Nepal was his project. But everything changed unexpectedly, and Iñaki died in his summit attempt at Annapurna in May 2008. However, Iñaki’s dream was not going to be in vain, and a group of friends with his family decided to carry on with the project and make Iñaki’s dream come true, and that’s where SOS Himalaya comes from.

We leave the link to the website where you can find detailed information of everything they are doing at the moment. For us we have to say that it is a great pleasure to collaborate with them due to Iñaki meant for us.

Kubuka – más por ellos – is the fusion of many dreams, many stories and people putting their droplets in that sea of hands that narrow to make this world a fairer place. KUBUKA supports projects that promote sustainable development in vulnerable communities in Kenya and Zambia.  Primarily support projects related to education and entrepreneurship, but they also undertake projects that benefit community collectives, which are defined as a specific group of individuals within a community.

Currently, we pay student fees for more than 500 elementary and middle school students. We have also financed the opening of 3 social businesses and awarded 19 microcredit loans.  Additionally, we run two orphanages in Kenya and Zambia, respectively, which support a combined total of 21 orphans and 8 girls in unstable situations.

In addition, if any of you is interested in volunteering, KUBUKA is looking for volunteers in a few different areas as:

-social work/psychologist/audiovisual and musical production

-Assistance of social enterprises and sports projects.

You can get in touch with them through next email: