Salty Soul

Salty Soul is our way of living and interacting with people and the environment that surrounds us. It arises from a common passion, love and respect for mountains, sea and nature. This is where our love for surfing emerged from. The path we have chosen consists of a constant search for a pure and authentic way of life. Cruder, more real.

Through Salty Soul we would like to transmit our way of understanding life as a way that we can travel in a simple way and always in a responsible and conscious way, trying to leave a positive impact wherever we go. Traveling, surfing and breaking with the routine is our passion, and at the same time it gives us the opportunity to help and collaborate with those who really need it. This is the Salty Soul porpoise. That curious look of a child willing to discover the unknown, a simple and honest link with nature, but above all, the people that give a meaning to our path, and all the lessons that travel brings to us.

We feel like this kind of life philosophy is being lost. People are getting stuck in cities, in stability. Not too many of us are thirsty for adventures, dreaming to eat the world in a radical way. We, like many others, are three of those kids willing jump through the unknown, to the uncertain. We would like to take this opportunity to transmit our philosophy of life. So, after many trips we came up with the idea of making another one but with a different approach; more serious, more professional.  Greasing the chains, taking the wax and bring our surfboards through all the west coast of USA, from Canada to Baja California, Mexico. Journey that becomes the first potent Salty Soul project.

Javi, Mikel e Iñaki.