The project

 As explained in Salty Soul section, we are greasing the chains, taking the wax and shortly we will travel with our surfboards throughout the west coast of the US, from Canada to Baja California, Mexico. We are putting a lot of effort and enthusiasm into it. We want and we will have repercussion in our local media and in others. Support and help to make this world a bit better is the main meaning of this project. We consider it is a fantastic opportunity to help people who really need it, so we have turned our dream into an international cooperation to help children from Kenya, Zambia and the Himalayas mountains. The NGOs chosen: KUBUKA (Africa) and S.O.S. HIMALAYAS. We intend to collect 1€ for 1km travelled. That is going to be the goal. If we can reach more money, why not? Because of this the importance of your support in social media, with gear for the trip or sharing and making people known about it. At the end, this project belongs to everyone, not just to us.

To know a bit more about the NGOs we have chosen you can visit the next link:

We pretend to document the trip with photos and videos. Difficult and great moment are ahead. We will try you can experience the trip through our lenses. At the end we will edit a small documentary about it. Our sponsors will be carefully cared. Something that 2 years ago was a simple idea, a dream, we can say that now this trip is almost a reality that will start in february/March 2018.